Helpdesk and support

Do you know that the experience of our consultants is over 200 completed projects

We support your company both during and after the implementation

Helpdesk and support

A large team of IT Vision implementation consultants, programmers and analysts guarantees the right resources for efficient implementation. They make up the helpdesk and support team. In addition, a separate Post-Implementation Assistance Department guarantees an appropriate level of customer care after implementation (possibility of concluding a permanent service contract). In addition, as part of the implementation, we offer consultancy services related to process improvement and controlling. Our helpdesk also offers comprehensive support for our clients

Helpdesk and support

In the field of offered solutions we have a professional team for:

  • implementation
  • programming (possibility of developing modifications and additional system functionalities)
  • travel service (in case of critical errors – immediate response based on assistance contract)
  • Helpdesk and support.(Dedicated team always available by phone and e-mail from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. We offer the option of individual extension of the roster in the case of other client hours or time zone difference).

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The high qualifications and competences of the IT Vision team, a professional approach to the customer and an extensive reference list have determined the choice of this partner.
IT Vision has become our implementation partner. The IT Vision project team demonstrated understanding of our needs, as well as knowledge and experience in implementing B2B.
Thanks to the competences of the IT Vision implementation company and modern software, we can be an advisory partner for both small, medium and large companies on a national scale.