Business Central facilitates the classification of fixed assets. When using classification codes that are compatible with the regulation, depreciation rates are automatically collected. The tool also makes it possible to keep many depreciation books in parallel, taking into account balance sheet, tax and issues. Fixed assets are easily managed using a Microsoft solution. The system also supports the records of purchase, decrease and increase in value as well as depreciation. It also supports its automatic calculation and reporting. Business Central also allows you to generate an annual depreciation report containing the depreciation costs of fixed assets.

The system helps to manage fixed asset receipt and liquidation documents. It also gives the option of assigning a person responsible for fixed assets and a specific asset and its location (you can assign and track the asset). Business Central is an excellent basis for building extended solutions for the management of fixed assets (e.g. a rental shop).

Full accounting

NetSuite's accounting features can support full general ledgers, payables and receivables, multiple budgets, multipliers, online payments, allocations and consolidations for many companies. All this with real-time reporting.

Inventory and implementation

NetSuite provides comprehensive physical inventory and distribution capabilities, including shipping, collection and returns. This allows door-to-door orders to be tracked directly in the system

Complete process from purchase to payment

Electronic shopping at NetSuite allows you to manage your purchasing process through the approval process.

Electronic expense reports

Self-service electronic expense reports with workflow and payment approval reduce overheads for accounting.

Hassle-free employee management

NetSuite self-service functionalities provide employees with access to their payroll, information on benefits, time and expenses, as well as application forms 24/7. The solution improves employee productivity and reduces costs. NetSuite includes purchase applications, direct payment to the payroll and online payroll verification, as well as a self-service Employee Center.

Services and support functions

NetSuite has customer service and support tools to provide the right level of service to customers at optimal costs. Because the quality of service and support is key to customer satisfaction and retention, it is important to accurately determine and manage customer service and support expectations and costs, both at the initial delivery stage and over time.