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Dynamics 365 Business Central is growing at the speed of light. See how the number of users and customers of Microsoft Business Central grows, and how so much interest in the system results.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is growing at the speed of light. Microsoft’s cloud-based ERP system for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) recently surpassed the 15,000-customer mark. The growth of new customers for this solution is 1,000 new companies each month that decide to start working with Business Central. System is growing not only in terms of the number of new customers. The number of system users also increased by 200%. These numbers prove that most likely Dynamics 365 Business Central is the fastest growing ERP in the cloud in the world.

The fastest growing ERP in the cloud – huge number of customers

The fastest growing ERP in the cloud

The SaaS platform for Dynamics 365 Business Central is currently used by over 15,000 companies around the world. In addition, the number of system users increases by 200% each year. The data was presented by Microsoft’s general manager Mike Morton at the DIRECTIONS North-America meeting for Dynamics NAV and Business Central. In November 2020, Morton announced that Business Central exceeded its 10,000-customer milestone.

This data means that in just 5 months as many as 5,000 companies decided to implement Business Central. That’s 1,000 new Microsoft customers a month. This is truly a stunning growth rate! In the previous year, the monthly increase was only 5,000 new Business Central customers.

The number of Business Central users is growing every month

Not only the growth rate of new customers is impressive. The increase in the number of new Business Central users is also remarkable. As Mike Morton said, it results from many variables. First of all, companies grow and add new users. Moreover, new implementations of Business Central SaaS significantly increased the average number of users per system startup. Of course, as in previous years, many companies implement the system for 5 or 10 users. However, there is a growing number of companies which, by implementing the Business Central system, add 500 or more users to the system.

The pace of user growth even exceeds the growth in new customers. This is for several different reasons that Morton explained. One explanation is that existing customers add users over time. However, Microsoft is now also seeing larger Business Central SaaS deals, with a “significantly increasing” average number of users per deployment, adds Morton. While some new customers are still deploying five to ten seats, as most companies do in the product’s early years of use, Microsoft is also adding up to 500 new seats or more to customers.

Business Central SaaS is a source of good business decisions

Companies decide to use Business Central SaaS because they know that it can be the source of countless everyday small operational decisions as well as important strategic decisions. Many of them also use this solution as the basis for digital transformation processes.

The fastest growing ERP in the cloud – the best ERP for the SME

The fastest growing ERP in the cloud

Microsoft has a clear goal for the near future. The company devotes a lot of its activities and commitment to make Business Central “the world’s best ERP solution for small and medium-sized enterprises”. One of the areas that the development department focuses on is streamlining implementation – the “implementation process” as understood by Microsoft. The goal is to create both an easier, faster and cheaper implementation process.

This improved implementation process, coupled with the rapidly growing number of implementation partners and the ever-growing number of available applications, is likely to see Microsoft continue to see customer and user growth in the near future.

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