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Microsoft wants Dynamics 365 Business Central to be the world’s best ERP system for companies from the SME sector. We show how he wants to achieve it!

Microsoft wants Dynamics 365 Business Central to be the world’s best ERP system for companies from the SME sector. This is a goal that Microsoft has set for itself recently. It results from the recent transition of solutions to the cloud and the creation of the Dynamics 365 platform. Microsoft took time to set a goal appropriate to the expectations of the rapidly growing market of ERP and CRM solutions for the SME sector.

Microsoft has been operating on the ERP solutions market since 2001. The company made its debut on it by taking over the American company Great Plains. A year later, it also acquired the Danish company Navision Software. Thanks to these activities, it offered 4 different ERP systems, some of the functionalities overlapping with each other. In later years, the company focused on its two most successful solutions:

  • Dynamics NAV (Navision) – for the small and medium-sized companies’ market
  • Dynamics AX – for the corporate account market

Because the integration of systems and solutions is the biggest IT challenge for small and large companies, Microsoft decided a few years ago to change its strategy. The company focused on a true platform approach, rather than investing in loosely coupled solutions. An important step was the decision to transform its flagship, most successful on-premise solution for the SME market, Dynamics NAV (Navision). Dynamics NAV has become the core of Microsoft’s intelligent platform strategy for the small and medium-sized enterprise market. The cloud-based ERP solution created on its basis was named Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The best ERP system for companies from the SME sector – Microsoft is ambitious!

At the end of 2020, Microsoft clearly defined its goal for the near future. Mike Morton, CEO of Microsoft’s D365 Business Central at Directions 2020, said he wants Dynamics 365 Business Central to become “the world’s best ERP solution for SMBs.”

One of the areas that the company improves to achieve this goal is streamlining the implementation process. It should be easier, faster and cheaper. All these aspects are important for companies from the SME sector!

Microsoft is a company with an established position on the market. It has the necessary financial background and R&D capacity to develop excellent solutions. In addition, it has marketing machinery and wide international distribution channels to market, sell and implement Business Central on a large scale. Recent history shows many examples of where Microsoft found real success as soon as it entered the game.

In conclusion: small and medium-sized enterprises that want to modernize their solutions and are looking for the best ERP system for companies in the SME sector, make the right decision if they seriously consider Dynamics 365 Business Central!

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