Support for remote work from Microsoft

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Microsoft’s tools that provide support for remote work include integration of Teams with Business Central and work with mobile devices.

Better remote cooperation for Business Central users

Remote work has become a reality in many companies. Home offices, hybrid work or working in many localizations require good cooperation and communication of coworkers. This also applies to the efficient data transfer. Microsoft develops support for remote work by improving its solutions. Microsoft’s tools for supporting remote work include the integration of Teams with Business Central and improved work with mobile devices.

Integration with Microsoft Teams

Support for remote work

Integration of Microsoft Teams application with Business Central system is mostly support for remote work in the field of work on the information contained in Business Central. Connecting those two solutions allows you to share views and data directly from Business Central in Teams application. In addition, it allows you to perform an operation on a given record from the Teams level.

More information about application integration:

Working on mobile devices

Support for remote work

Microsoft also cares about the comfort of using Business Central regardless of the device you run the system. You have the same view of data in every device. It’s a big support for remote work and working in the field.

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