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Shop floor – is a dedicated solution developed by IT Vision to optimize production execution. This module extends the functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics system, supporting the operation of a manufacturing company.

Selected functionalities of the module:

  • sales orders – prioritization, re-planning
  • planning based on inventory
  • opening, closing, splitting a production batch
  • information on the number of manufactured elements broken down by individual employees
  • service, quality control, defect management
  • handling of warehouse documents (e.g. isolation of a separate warehouse for deficiencies)
  • product tree, inverted tree, semi-finished products, product breakdown (disassembly)
  • record of chords
  • support for multiple production locations and parallel production processes in different locations
  • reporting the quantity of products at individual stages of the production process
  • receipt and warehouse release
  • inter-warehouse and inter-warehouse transfer – compliance with the actual state
  • automatic generation of warehouse documents
  • generating orders for completion based on sales orders
  • integration with shop floor devices – depending on the arrangements: touch panels or data collectors
  • integration with barcode printers