Purchases and supplies

Business Central allows for effective management of extensive supply chains and distribution channels. The system streamlines processes, lowers costs, and improves communication and cooperation with business partners. Support purchases and supplies at every level. It helps to make informed decisions and increase efficiency. Real-time information allows you to react quickly to changing market conditions.

The system supports, for example, shipping and distribution, inventory control and purchasing. It also supports the handling of returns and cancellations, supplier and order management, procurement planning.

Purchases and supplies – the main functionalities of Business Central

  • Managing suppliers and terms of cooperation,
  • Integration with suppliers,
  • Service of inquiries,
  • Purchase agreements and collective orders,
  • Rebates and discounts,
  • Automated creation, approval and fulfillment of orders,
  • Supply planning (generating demand, optimization of orders),
  • Recognition of purchase documents,
  • Processing invoices from suppliers,
  • Approval and automation of orders,
  • Receipt of goods,
  • 3 ways to match and pay