Controlling in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an interactive, self-service analytical solution based on the TARGIT Business Intelligence system.

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In source systems based on the OLTP transactional database, a large amount of information is collected, however, in making effective decisions, only management information is needed, i.e. key reports that present the company’s situation. Such activities are supported by the offered controlling tool.

The solution is intended for independent creation of analyzes, dashboards, reports and alerts by all employees from any warehouse and databases. The available analytical areas are production, sales, accounting statements, settlements, warehouses, and HR and payroll.

The right decisions thanks to gathering key information

In the data warehouse, the so-called one version of the truth, new analytical possibilities and elimination of redundant data. A common interface allows each employee to quickly find the information they need at a given moment.

Save time and money

The system facilitates the performance of activities related to the preparation of reports and analyzes. It only takes a few clicks to create new analyzes instead of hours of work. Time saved in the reporting process can be spent on effective actions and decision making.

Easier work thanks to a very friendly and intuitive interface

Even users who are less proficient in the use of IT tools can delve into complex analyzes, follow trends and prepare multi-sectional reports.

Characteristics of the solution:


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  • Natural language (Meta Morphing) – Meta Morphing tool “I would like to analyze …” is a unique, easy wizard for creating new analyzes. Analyzes created from scratch using Meta Morphing are displayed on the screen, and tables and charts can be adapted to specific tasks and individual users. Everything is done using conventional business terms so that the entire work environment is understandable to every user at every level.
  • Information Agents – to facilitate data viewing and detecting unfavorable or beneficial information, an intelligent color agent has been built into the system, which automatically gives color to analysis objects depending on the numerical values behind the object. For example, green displays values that exceed a certain level, while red appears when results are far below the user’s expectations.
  • One click – with TARGIT, you can analyze faster and better – the user gets significantly fewer clicks than with any other tool on the market. The system has built-in functions that allow one click to obtain an effect in the form of an analysis of the selected value or the system displaying information about the most significant threats (e.g. unfavorable trends or serious losses in a given area) or about the emerging the greatest opportunities.
  • “Drag and drop” – the system allows you to quickly prepare the analysis using the “drag and drop” method. The user selects the criteria (measures, dimensions) that interest him and moves them with the mouse, for example, to the area of the pivot table. The “fill with data” function allows you to quickly achieve the result of an analysis or report.
  • Calculations – an important feature of TARGIT are advanced calculations that allow you to expand and extend basic analyzes without interfering with the structure of OLAP cubes.


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  • Alerts – among the functionalities of the system there are also such useful functions as the Notification Agent and the Prediction Agent. The Notification Agent is designed to automatically alert the user to specific events and trends. Apart from the information itself (e.g. in the form of an e-mail), the agent also sends a link to a deeper analysis of the signaled event. The Prediction Agent, on the other hand, is an electronic supervisor that alerts you to probable changes. All you need to know to be able to use this feature is to know your company’s key performance indicators (KPIs). Once you provide this information to the Prediction Agents, the system will automatically detect how best to monitor your company’s most important goals. When the need arises, the user will be informed about changes that may pose a threat to the company’s goals in the future.
  • Related objects – both analyzes and reports are fully interactive, and analytical objects are related to each other in such a way that by narrowing down the scope of displayed data in one object, e.g. a pivot table, the system changes the data on other objects accordingly.
  • Hyperrelation – Analyzes, reports, and dashboards don’t have to be static. A single mouse click on any object opens a detailed analysis and allows further investigation of the results. You can also create hyperlinks between the analysis and relevant attachments. Just click on any object (calculation) in the report to get a more detailed insight into the analysis behind the value of interest.
  • Collaboration – the system allows several people to work together on the same analyzes. There is a function that allows you to send an e-mail to a selected person with an attached, previously prepared analysis. The user who receives the e-mail can immediately start working on the received analysis.