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Villa Verde Sp. z o.o., (previous Haymann) deals with production and wholesale of articles used in decoration e.g. various types of candles and glass products as well as accessories supplementing each composition. Company operates in Germany. The Polish branch deals mainly with production and logistics. IT Vision has implemented a Microsoft Dynamics system in a production company.

„The need to improve data and document exchange processes between departments and to improve communication with partners was key to further effective business operations. The new IT solution was to help us in these areas”- comments Marek Tatarczuch, Chairman of Villa Verde Board.


Dynamic growth of Villa Verde forced the company to modernize existing IT infrastructure. The company was using Microsoft Dynamics solution. However, they needed to create B2B platform, facilitating the exchange of documents and information within the company and its partners.

The company wanted to introduce one integrated system, which would cover all parts of Villa Verde activities. They main goals were to automatize documents and information flow process, better supervision over the delivery process, shortening delivery time and getting easier access to data for reporting and planning.

„IT Vision has become our implementation partner. The IT Vision project team demonstrated understanding of our needs, as well as knowledge and experience in implementing B2B projects co-financed by the European Union. The B2B system has been appropriately adapted by IT Vision consultants to the specifics of our business.” – says Marek Tatarczuch, Chairman of Villa Verde Board.


The implementation of an electronic B2B platform based on the Microsoft Dynamics system has helped increase the efficiency of work at Villa Verde in many areas.
The Board decided to integrate functioning in the company Microsoft Dynamics system with partners system and to create an electronic B2B data exchange platform. This adaptation was possible because of Microsoft Dynamics openness. Thanks to this integration was not a problem. The flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics has allowed integration of the most important areas of company’s activities as warehouse management, sales, orders and accounting.

The project of implementing B2B platform based on Microsoft Dynamics in Villa Verde is innovative in the field of cooperation with partners when it comes to change in realization and in organizing processes. The system ensures data consistency and historicity, the possibility of integration with external solutions (partner platforms) and scaling as the company develops and its requirements change. A modern database platform ensures the highest level of security for transmitted documents and data.

IT solutions with a high degree of modernity were used during implementation. They implemented advanced, integrated B2B system (also including a communication portal, cooperating with partners using EDI standards), as well as a reporting system based on OLAP technologies and data warehouse. This solution enables Villa Verde to build flexible reports for the client and partners, with the possibility of working via the Internet.

“The currently functioning IT infrastructure has contributed to the improvement of the enterprise's efficiency and the increase of competitiveness. We can now process orders faster, and thanks to EDI standards - more efficiently communicate with our clients and partners, which translates into the satisfaction of our clients and cooperation with foreign partners”
Marek Tatarczuch Chairman of Villa Verde Board


Villa Verde

The implementation of an electronic B2B platform based on the Microsoft Dynamics system has helped increase the efficiency of work at Villa Verde in many areas.

Document exchange processes, sales and shipments were improved. The order process is more efficient, and this directly transfer into the higher level of partner satisfaction. A very important benefit is also the reduction of errors related to manual data entry by employees. Electronic documents are now used extensively, which not only reduces costs, but also helps to protect the environment.

An additional positive impact of implementing a B2B project is the introduction of technology that allows to start cooperation with large partners, including foreign ones, who require electronic communication standards (EDI). What is more, the use of a reporting system allows to collect faster all the information needed to organize work in company. Thanks to this, the management of Villa Verde can make more accurate decisions.

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