Changes in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system

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Learn more about the changes that await future and current Dynamics 365 Business Central users. Learn the importance of digitization and mobility, and the flexibility of management systems.

The annual Directions 4 Partners conference, which was different than usual this year, was a great example of how the world has changed. Changes in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system were presented and it was shown that anyone who will adapt to the changes and use digital solutions can continue to operate and develop their business.

We talked with Paweł Prymakowski and Tomasz Woch about this year’s conference. However, we not only discussed the impressions. It is obvious that virtual experience can never 100% replace direct contact. But thanks to such opportunities, we can expand our knowledge despite the pandemic.

Changes in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system

First of all, we talked about the changes that await future and current Dynamics 365 Business Central users. Tomasz emphasized that the main trend in changes is still “clouding” solutions for enterprise management. In addition, Microsoft has introduced a number of small solutions that improve work with the system.

Paweł, on the other hand, emphasized the essence of flexibility and mobility of systems and facilitating group work. He also emphasized the importance of adapting to the new reality and digitizing enterprises.

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The interview with Paweł and Tomasz is the last in the series of interviews dedicated to the Directions 4 Partners conference.

With Sylwia Wójcik and Piotr Podgórni, we talked about how Microsoft supports remote work and whether cloud solutions will completely replace local system installations

With Tavares da Silva (QBS Group) we discussed how Covid-19 affected the way we run business, digitalization, and remote work. We also met new advantages of Microsoft system:

With IBSC representatives we talked about new functionalities in Microsoft solutions:

Inga Sartauskaite (from 1ClickFactory) related to her impressions of Directions conference and to the way we run business has changed. We also talked about the meaning of remote work.

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