Azure Cosmos DB – best NoSQL database service


Azure Cosmos DB is the best NoSQL database service provided by Microsoft for creating new applications. We present the latest changes to improve the work of programmers and developers.

Microsoft makes sure that its applications work together as well as possible. With each upgrade or release, it further simplifies users’ work on various applications, making them gain a consistent experience. What’s more, each novelty is to facilitate or improve the work of users. In the case of news presented during My Build, it primarily facilitates the work of programmers. Many of the changes announced at the conference concerned the Microsoft Azure solution. In this article, we would like to focus on changes and solutions in Azure Cosmos DB.

Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is a NoSQL database service that allows you to create new applications. After updating Azure Cosmos BD, developers can modify specific fields or properties in the document without having to read and replace the full document. Additionally, serverless Azure Cosmos DB is now generally available for all APIs.

Azure Cosmos DB – best NoSQL database service

The approach to fees has also changed. Microsoft has proposed a weekly billing where you only pay for resources you actually use.

Azure Cosmos DB – Operating systems and learning

Azure Cosmos DB – best NoSQL database service

The introduced changes are also improvements for Linux users. Now they will gain the same programming experience as users of other operating systems.

Microsoft has also allowed Azure Cosmos DB to develop, test, and learn free on Linux and macOS devices.

Cache memory

Azure Cosmos DB integrated cache is now in preview. Customers can optimize the cost of read-intensive workloads by configuring the integrated cache on their Azure Cosmos DB accounts. Importantly, the integrated cache optimizes costs and increases performance for read-intensive workloads by up to 96 percent and 300 percent, respectively.

Data Security

We have emphasized many times that security issues are very important to Microsoft. Always Encrypted for Azure Cosmos DB (Preview) enables customers to encrypt sensitive data in the application before it is stored in their databases, ensuring that sensitive parts of the data are only accessible to the right audience. The function also facilitates compliance with legal data protection requirements.

Azure Cosmos DB – best NoSQL database service

Azure Cosmos DB’s Enhanced Free Tier, now generally available, gives developers greater flexibility to innovate with bandwidth provisioned per 1000 request units and free 25 GB for monthly storage.

Other services and changes in Azure

Microsoft has released several updates to Azure AI services to help developers more quickly modernize common business processes.

Azure Bot Service

Azure Bot Service provides an integrated environment designed specifically for creating bots. Thanks to these changes, it now includes a visual authoring canvas with extensible open-source tools. This allows developers to add speech and telephony capabilities and test, debug, and publish bots across multiple channels with minimal code change.

Azure Metrics Advisor

Azure Metrics Advisor will be available to the public after the preview is available in September. The time series monitoring platform provides a set of APIs for data ingestion, anomaly detection, and diagnostic analysis without the need for machine learning knowledge.

Azure Video Analyzer

Azure Video Analyzer combines live video analytics and video indexing in one service. Now it’s in preview. It is intended to help developers quickly create video analytics based on artificial intelligence from image stored and streaming. Live Video Analytics allows developers to build intelligent video applications using the AI of their choice. Additionally, Video Indexer automatically extracts advanced metadata from video and audio content. Using Azure Video Analyzer includes workplace safety, in-store service, digital asset management, and content monetization.

Grouped Azure services

Grouped Azure services. Microsoft has grouped all Azure services, as well as Azure Cognitive Search, Azure Form Recognizer, and Azure Immersive Reader, into a new Azure AI category, which it calls Azure Applied AI Services. The services rely on the cognitive APIs from Azure Cognitive Services and Azure ML. Accelerate the development of AI solutions by providing additional task-specific AI and built-in business logic from Microsoft.

Soon we will present new products presented at the Microsoft My Build 2021 conference.

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